2018 organizing

The 2016-2017 Official Call

The Official Call of the DFL Party of Minnesota presents and explains the process and procedures for the caucus and convention system, as well as meeting and election processes.  It is essentially the master instructions manual. Download here: Official-Call

DFL58 Caucus Meetings in 2018

It is not too early to start planning for a 2018 DFL Victory!  The DFL Caucus is the first step in the political activism process and the first step toward a win in 2018.  In 2018, Minnesotans will be voting for Governor and Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor, State Attorney General, both U.S. Senate seats, and all members of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Date and meeting locations for the Caucus will be posted as we approach the caucus.

Our caucus is important as it sets the base leadership for our precincts in the neighborhoods we live in, is the place every issue that will be in the DFL Platform and Action Agenda is introduced, via resolutions, and is where we begin the convention process by electing precinct representatives for the DFL58 Senate District Convention.

DFL58 Convention

The DFL58 Organizing Unit Convention meeting will include delegates elected at the caucuses, and will be tasked with electing party officers for two-year terms, revising the local party constitution, endorsing candidates for Minnesota House District 58A and Minnesota State House District 58B, and electing delegates to attend the 2nd Congressional District DFL nominating convention and the Minnesota State DFL Convention.